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Our last article touched on our stack using OpenLiteSpeed, and LiteSpeed Enterprise. And of course our feature partner UpCloud. In this feature, we are going to dive a little deeper into why we chose UpCloud as our infrastructure partner. In this age where hosting providers are aplenty and widely available, the decision to choose a provider comes down to 3 things:


Our objective here is to give you a better understanding of how UpCloud helps in keeping your virtual home (website) in its peak condition. Who are the people behind UpCloud?
UpCloud would not have existed if it did not bring together a group of individuals who want to not just change the ways of traditional IaaS, but also lead the way for its competition.

Bearing that in mind, they embarked on the journey that commenced in 2012, in a quite uncertain market.
They made it through 2014, and then introduced their star innovation: MaxIOPS. This technology allowed UpCloud to stand out in  the crowd.

This storage technology was something to behold. Not just speed,and performance, but also stability. No small achievement.
You can read about MaxIOPS here.

Over the next 2 years, UpCloud introduced much needed tools like native IPv6 support, group account and server tags, fixed cost plans, ability to add initialization scripts, and SSH keys management.
That made UpCloud an even better quality product. 

And the market responded too, by cementing Upcloud’s position with their innovation, and growth with Cloud Spectator naming them #1 performance leader, in 2016 and 2018, and in 2016, UpCloud secured €4 million investment from Inventure.
You can download the Cloud Spectator report here

UpCloud then opened 3 more global offices in SIngapore, London, and Seattle in the following years.
Fast forward to today, UpCloud (recently) launched SDN with new exciting networking features, and is still making improvements with their product.

Again the question begs: Why them?

As a company, you want to align yourselves with the best in the industry to ensure that you have a common goal to work and grow together.
At Crioshavyn, we believe that success cannot be a solo job. Which is why having UpCloud as our preferred infrastructure partner, we can grow our company like they did.
To push our success even further, we must make sure the customers that believed in us, that made the switch to us: have the best performance that their money can buy.

And nothing says performance, and the best back for your buck than 100% uptime SLA. That means redundancy is there from day 0, not day 1, not day 30.
This tells us a lot about commitment to one’s craft. UpCloud did that with just a simple approach to have redundancy from the moment your server with them is active.
If you are with another provider, you will be hard pressed for such a setup at this price point.

They may even recommend something along the lines of high availability. Which can easily cost you thousands of dollars, even with the decreasing prices on cloud services. You saw the results for yourself in our first blog article, Crioshavyn + UpCloud makes for a great success.

Price: We nailed it down together. You do not need a math degree to know what you are paying for. Complexity? We say no.
Performance: MaxIOPS is the best performance booster that you can get right now. And who can forget 100% uptime SLA?
Value: UpCloud did not make it all about them. They made it all about their end customers. That’s you. And that is a whole lot of value right there.

We do not see compromises. What’s holding YOU back? (Answer: not you, or us)
We will see you soon!

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