Results do not lie

If you are simply wondering if you should jump aboard the Crioshavyn train, there is little to think of right now. If you are simply wondering if you should jump aboard the Crioshavyn train, there is little to think of right now.

But using backwards (read: we did not say inferior) technology, and then changing hosts (that uses the same or similar backwards technology), and hoping that it would help your website perform better is not the solution.

Welcome to Crioshavyn.

This heaven is frozen in time, but the technology certainly has not. Allow me to explain.
In our years of experience in hosting, we know that a proper infrastructure, coupled with the best-in-class technology can make your web application soar.

And with the advancements in technology, we believe that we have achieved that here, while not burning pockets.

Along with our preferred infrastructure providers, not forgetting our preferred control panels, we have made it simple for everyone to manage their server and websites.

Yes, we include the server prices in the base prices, along with 24/7 support for your server should you encounter any issues.

Enough talk, now, on our base cloud hosting plan, without using a CDN, a 2GB server with 1 CPU core, 50GB of SSD storage, and 2 TB monthly bandwidth, we are happy to report the following results.

As a reminder, the most important to least important metrics are:

Fully loaded time
Page size

We used and installed Beaver Builder, Astra Pro, plus security, forms, and image optimisation plugins (we are not advertising for them) as a base for both websites.

Server is located in Tokyo, and the GTMetrix test region was Hong Kong, China – which is the closest one in Asia Pacific region to our test server location.

For a simple or corporate website, without complicated setups like a learning management system, or e-commerce like WooCommerce, we present:

For a more advanced website, based on WooCommerce, we present:

Now you can see for yourself what can be done for your websites too!

And as with most performance results, these are based on testing over a 10 hours period. There are better scores, however, we placed the results all together and then divided it by 10 (because we used 10 hours as a testing period), and then we presented the average results.

While we were onboarding some of our prospects, we initiated something that was rarely done. We asked for permission from them to take a copy of their websites to use on our server.

Along with our base cloud hosting plans, we are working with 100% uptime SLA. 

That is unheard of until you reach a managed VPS, or have a dedicated server with high availability option for most hosting providers. And those costs, add up quickly.

Not here.

The results? Similar positive responses from our prospects and clients, which convinced them to make the switch to us.

Curious about what we use to speed up your websites? That’s out next post. If you are early, try waiting till after 2 Dec 2019.


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