100% Uptime, is it possible? Yes.

So, now that we pique your interest in our 100% uptime SLA. And yes, there is such a thing.
Before we get to the star of the show, let’s explore our stack first.
As you may or may not be aware, we use OpenLiteSpeed, or LiteSpeed Enterprise for our deployments along with Cyber Panel, or Plesk as the control panel.
We will explore those in their own articles in the future.

We love love love open source. And that is why our basic options are already on OpenLiteSpeed (OLS). It’s great for:

  • Large, high-traffic sites
  • Built-in page caching
  • Apache-compatible rewrite rules
  • Unlimited worker processes
  • Third-party API hooks

New features are always being pumped out by the team for OLS. You see this on OLS faster than LiteSpeed Enterprise. Why? Innovations, that’s why.

What about LiteSpeed Enterprise?
That’s a great question! It is for people that are looking for stability over new features. Not saying that OLS is used for beta, or for testing, but LiteSpeed Enterprise is your rock.
You do not want complications? You don’t need them? Then choose LiteSpeed Enterprise. It is great for:

  • Large, high-traffic sites
  • Page caching available
  • Fully Apache compatible
  • Number of worker processes based on license
  • Highest level of stability

Your number of workers are based on the license you choose. And the various ones gives you anywhere from 1 to unlimited workers.
And this is what our shared hosting is based on. LiteSpeed Enterprise. We favor stability for our shared hosting clients over the need for new features.
Because these spectrum of our clients, they either do not have time to test out those new features, or do not have devs in their team to help test these out.
Not to say LiteSpeed Enterprise does not innovate, but only the features that makes most sense and benefits the whole LiteSpeed Enterprise community – goes into LiteSpeed Enterprise.

Both options are  great for a budding developer, and for business owners. Out customers know too, you hardly hear issues about anything LiteSpeed.
Plus proper documentations helps in resolving simple issues.
Unless you have a very complicated setup and getup, you really hardly ever reach out to support for LiteSpeed solutions.

Ok, back to us.
OLS + CyberPanel + our VPS = speed, performance, and 100% uptime SLA. Without burning a giant hole in your pockets.
And who might the infrastructure provider of our VPS be?

OK, ok, ok, so not exactly our VPS. But UpCloud is our preferred partner for infrastructure.

If you have not heard of the company, time to get yourself out of the rut, and start reading about them.
What’s better with open source? 
The secret sauce to success is an infrastructure provider that gets behind you and backs you up – with a 100% uptime SLA.

Granted you can do the same thing with other providers, but that is a high availability setup. And that is going to cost you and your company the ballpark figure of “No Way!”. And to manage that behemoth? Yeah, you need the right help too.
Along with the only thing that we manage in our unmanaged cloud hosting plans, are our server level backups. We include that in the price of the subscription.

That results in what a lot of our clientele looks for: peace of mind.
That’s what I call a big deal!
Alright, not going to blabber on anymore. See you in our next post 🙂

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