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Moving away from one hosting provider is never easy. Especially when you are starting your business/company; and you are looking for the most affordable option to host your website.

Hot on the heels of 20 hosting companies that are closing over the weekend, Arch hosting is also following suit, citing “unforeseen circumstances” in their recent email to their subscribers.

It is a different email and context compared to the same template that the 20 hosting companies were using (you can read all about it here from ZDNet’s coverage); Arch hosting was also one of the companies offering lifetime deals for hosting.

We have been in the hosting industry since 2000 (don’t laugh at us for losing our previous domain name) and we have seen a number of hosting companies also following the LTD route and then having to leave their users in the lurch.

It went away, and the trend came back in late 2016. But we all knew one day that they will have to announce their closing.

And true enough, it happened again.

The list of 20 hosting companies gave their subscribers a mere 2 days to pack their stuff and be gone.
Arch Hosting followed up with their customers, and gave an approximate 30 days for their customers to clear out.

They have partnered up with Shock Hosting to provide a migration, as well as a new home for affected Arch Hosting subscribers,

At Crioshavyn, we are ready to also do the same for the subscribers affected by the 20 hosting companies, as well as Arch Hosting.

We are extending a 20% lifetime renewal discount for shared hosting, and 5% lifetime renewal discount for cloud hosting.

[Discount no longer available. Please talk to our live chat team instead.]

Terms and conditions:
* Minimum 1 year subscription required to lock in lifetime renewal discount.
We will ask for an invoice from the affected hosting providers for verification. 
All customers that signed up using these links, but are not from affected hosting providers, will not be allowed to proceed, and we will refund you the money paid.
Do take into consideration that when you cancel the subscription for shared or cloud hosting, you will lose the lifetime renewal discount.
Crioshavyn’s decisions are final in all cases of disputes.

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