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Preferred Infrastructure Provider

featuring MaxIOPS technology

Superior cloud hosting

UpCloud is Crioshavyn's preferred infrastructure partner because we believe that our goals are simple and common:

Lead the way in hosting, and providing the best advancement in technology at the best possible value.

By combining all of these ideals and bringing the best-in-class storage technology, along with 10% uptime SLA, we look forward in changing the hosting landscape for good.

Preferred infrastructure partner of Crioshavyn: UpCloud.

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Making cyber securty painless

Featured Provider

Cyber security without plugins

Superior cybersecurity

Backing Crioshavyn's hosting platform is CTARe's technology for cyber security.

Besides Crioshavyn using CSF on the server level, and mod-sec on the application level, our subscribers have the additional option to choose CTARe's website security solution.

It doesn't utilise any plugins to enable their malware scanner; and malware scanning is automated. You no longer have to login to dashboard and one-click anything.

Besides that, they also currently provide a content delivery network (CDN) that gives unlimited bandwidth!

Coupled with a web application firewall (WAF), your website has never seen a more complete security suite.

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Preferred technology partner of Crioshavyn: CTARe

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