COVID-19: Reduced rates, and FREE hosting

Yes, that picture pretty much depicts every human, dog, cat, and/or animal in the wild and in the city right now. Hiding under their covers hoping that this COVID-19 situation will go away with sheer willpower.

We, at Crioshavyn, advocate staying in, and not to venture out unless you really need to. Like when mum is tired of cooking, yet doesn’t let anyone else into the kitchen. Argh. *eye roll*

Crioshavyn and everyone working here will be providing assistance remotely, and WFH is not something new to us. So our services are still available amidst the pandemic.

We intend to show our support by providing 3 options in this covid-19 situation from 1 April to 31 July 2020, Singapore standard time:
1. Low cost cloud hosting;
2. Low cost general hosting; and
3. Free 3 months hosting.

To Sign-up: simply approach us on our chat bubble (and leave a message if we are not online) with the appropriate service that you are requesting, and your full contact details.

Of course these subscriptions come with its terms and conditions. And here they are:

Low cost cloud hosting (VPS) Terms and Conditions:
– Great for membership, e-learning, e-commerce or other complex websites looking at boosting performance for groups, remote learning, and online purchases.
1. Option of either UpCloud, or Vultr cloud hosting packages at cost price. i.e. Whatever you see on the infrastructure website is what we will charge you.
2. CyberPanel installation and setup at reduced rate of $50. A one-time fee. The panel is free, the setup and installation of it is $50. – if you need help to set it up. Otherwise, it’s free if you DIY.
3. Alternatively, you may choose Plesk, but that has an ongoing subscription.
4. Once 1 Aug 2020 hits, the account will be transitioning into full cloud hosting prices.
5. Limited to the first 50 applications on a first come first served basis.

Low cost general hosting Terms and Conditions:
– Suitable for personal, or corporate sites that does not need a lot of management, or have frequent content changes.
1. Not your typical shared hosting where you get access to a panel to manage things.
2. Your website will be based on a pre-existing template.. You just need to populate content on the various pages.
3. Free SSL for all sites.
4. Pick from one of the 2 server locations in the US, and Asia.
5. Limited to the first 150 applications on a first come first serve basis, for each locale.

Free 3 months hosting:
– For NGOs, or business owners facing financial hardship.

1. Turnaround time of 4-8 business days.
2. For new NGOs that are not currently with any hosting provider, or not already subscribe to Crioshavyn.
3. Limited to the first 20 applications on a first come first serve basis.
4. Crioshavyn’s decisions are final in all cases of this hosting.

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