High Performance Vultr instances now available

If you are following the news within the hosting community, you would have heard that Vultr has launched yet another exciting product for their portfolio.

Hot on the heels of their very own release for their version of performant instances labeled as High Frequency in Jun 2019, Vultr just announced recently their High Performance instances.

Let’s recap. Vultr High Frequency introduced 3+ GHz Intel Xeon processors (CPUs) along with fast NVME storage, together claiming to boost speeds by up to 40% compared to a regular instance.

What’s new in High Performance then?

Vultr introduced High Performance instances that are powered by AMD EPYC™ processors. They are also accompanied by NVME storage.

We are happy to also announce that we have them available right now in our product line as well.

If you are interested to know more about this, do not hesitate to talk to our team and get yourself an instance so that you can tinker. 

That said, this is not an offer of a trial…Prices for High Performance instances start from $32/month for 1 vCPU, 2GB memory, and 3TB monthly bandwidth with free OpenLiteSpeed and CyberPanel, and a optional upgrade for the Enterprise versions of LiteSpeed, and CyberPanel.

LiteSpeed Enterprise starts from $36/mth per server. The starting price for the web server can be used with a server that will include a 1 worker limit, no cap on your RAM configuration, for unlimited domains.

CyberPanel Enterprise is at $2/month per server.

Setup and installation service of Enterprise versions of LiteSpeed Enterprise and CyberPanel Enterprise is at a one-time charge of $200. That price excludes the charge for Denial of Service Packet Filter setup (also $200).

For the Plesk control panel, you will have to add the control panel cost per month.

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